Did you know that most home invasions occur by way of the front door?  You can never be sure of anyone who shows up uninvited on your doorstep, especially when 18% of home invasions occur because the thieves are invited in, and 12% come about through forced entry after the door is opened. Just as in the movie: Home Alone, thieves will often knock first to see if anyone is home. 

In some cases, as in this one, an entire family could be home when a home invasion occurs. To a determined burglar or team of burglars, that doesn't matter, as long as they can gain entry to your home in order to steal your possessions. 

If you are often home alone, and living in an area where burglaries are frequent, you need to take steps to ensure your safety. If a stranger knocks at your door, it can be tempting to simply ignore them. However, this is not always a good idea as would-be burglars often check to see if anyone is home before breaking in. Instead, try these creative solutions. 

Install a Webcam

Hook up a webcam to your PC, and place it either at the peephole or in a carefully concealed location at a nearby window. This way, you can see exactly who it is without going to the front door. 

Get Creative with Your Signage

Even if your home isn't protected by a surveillance system, you can still use signs to deter burglars. Simply be creative with your choice of words and placement location. For example, a handwritten sign that says: "Warning, escaped boa constrictor roaming within," placed by a door or window will cause most burglars to think twice. 

Add an Outspoken Pooch to the Family

Noisy dogs give the game away and attract attention that less than friendly visitors don't need. 

Install a Security Screen Door

With a sturdy security door between you and your visitor, there will be no risk of forced entry. 

Communicate Via Wireless Intercom

Rather than a doorbell, you could install a wireless intercom to communicate with surprise visitors from the safety of your living room. They are fairly cheap these days and allow you to work out what your visitor wants, as well as give you the element of surprise. 

Place Very Large Chewed Bones in Front Garden

Large bones that look like they have been gnawed by huge teeth, as well as several large bowls placed on your lawn, will leave intruders mind's weaving all kinds of gory scenes in their head. 

Pretend There's a Man at Home (for stay-at-home-mums)

Burglars and thieves employ mind games as their greatest weapon, often fooling homeowners to get what they want. Play them at their own game. Ask several male friends and family members to allow you to call them whenever you need. Then, using your wireless intercom, have them communicate with your visitor as if they were really there within the house. The presence of a male will scare them off if they mean to break into your home. 

Of course, most people that knock at your door uninvited aren't necessarily thieves. However, it does pay to be prepared. With the above creative solutions in place, you can get on with your home life without fearing a knock at the door.