Staircases are vital when you live in a multi-level home, but they can end up taking a lot of space if you don't plan them well. This guide will equip you with smart ideas when you're looking to make your staircase a stylish addition to your home.

Go Spiral For Style And Compactness 

Spiral staircases add both style and compactness for smaller multi-level homes because they take up less floor space and infuse soft elegance to the space. These circular planned staircases typically taper at one end, so they can wrap around the spiral design. Spiral staircases not only bring function to your home by connecting different levels, but they also turn into emphatic accents that can elevate the appearance of your interiors substantially. Of course, make sure the outer width is wide enough to ensure that people can walk up and down safely because you certainly don't want any accidents in your home.

Establish Whether You Want To Create A Blending Or Contrasting Effect

Once you choose your spiral staircase design, you need to decide whether you want to create a blending or contrasting effect to your existing interior décor. The decision depends on your personal taste because both effects have the ability to infuse style and elegance in your home. If you like a homogenous appearance, then you should ideally match the staircase with your home interior. For instance, if you have timber floors, then you could continue the same timber finish onto each staircase. If you're looking for contrasting appeal, then you could choose spiral staircases with colourful accents to create focal points in the room. For instance, a flaming red staircase set amidst a room with neutral décor will act as a key focal point for the room by drawing the eye towards it almost immediately. Since both blending and contrasting choices add style, the choice will finally depend on your personal taste and preferences.

Use Handrails And Balustrades To Reflect The Theme Of Your Home

Handrails and balustrades on spiral staircases are integral for safety because they allow people to hold onto them for support when climbing up or down. But just because they serve a practical purpose doesn't mean they cannot turn into decorative masterpieces. Handrails and balustrades are available in a variety of styles and designs, so you can choose something to resonate with your home's existing style. For instance, if your home is furnished with traditional antiques and conventional furniture, then ornate handrails would make stylish additions. If you live in a modern home with streamlined patterns and designs, then minimalistic, straight handrails are attractive.

If you're looking to renovate or build new staircases, follow these ideas to make them look ultra stylish in your home. Contact companies like Tarosa Stairs Pty Ltd for more information or assistance.