Patios and pergolas are great outdoor recreational areas. They allow you to enjoy the outdoor ambience while still enjoying being within the confines of your home. If you are planning to build, restore or renovate your patio or pergola, consider roofing it with a semi-permanent awning option as opposed to a traditional fixed roof. And here's why.

Lots of variety to choose from

One perk of choosing awnings over traditional roofing for outdoor shelters is that you enjoy more variety in your picks. With traditional roofing, you can either choose between timber, metal or tiles. However, with awning you are spoilt for choice between canopies, polycarbonate roofs, fabrics, steel awnings, louvres, shade sails, seashell awnings, umbrella awnings, and more. And to add to that, all these are available in different colours, patterns or designs. You therefore have more room to make your patio or pergola look unique.

Can be interchanged at will

Fixed roofing systems are just that – fixed. Once installed, they cannot be removed unless you're conducting a renovation. Because awnings are semi-permanent in nature, they do not have this limitation. You can switch them up as often as you like. This way, you can 'dress' your patio or pergola as you would like depending on the season or function at hand. This would allow your favourite outdoor shelter to stay fresh and inviting all the time.

Awnings are cheaper to buy and install

When it comes to costs, awnings are cheaper than most fixed roofing systems such as steel, aluminium or hardwood timber. That's because awnings are made from cheaper materials such as fabric or canvas. Their installation is also easier. Most just need a little work to fix while others can be installed without the help of a contractor (DIY).

Can retract to allow an open setting

Lastly, most types of awnings can be retracted. This is a huge advantage over fixed roofing because it creates even more flexibility on their use. The major perk is that you can open the roof of your pergola or patio whenever you wish. This will allow you to enjoy more light, more wind, and full views of the day or night skies. And when done, the awnings can be closed again. Fixed roofs do not offer this option.

So in all, awnings will make your great outdoor shelters even more fun by offering you more design options and saving you money at the same time.