If you're redecorating your living room, then you may be looking for inspiration to find a theme which will help you when selecting the different components for the room. A popular and beautiful theme is a Colonial Caribbean style, which is simple to achieve using products that are readily available on the Australian market. This style is light, breezy, elegant, and welcoming and it really suits the laid back Aussie lifestyle. Here are three room components that will help you create a stunning and comfortable Colonial Caribbean style living room.

1. Timber plantation shutters

It's commonly underestimated how much the right window dressings can contribute to the overall feel of a room. That's why installing timber plantation shutters is one of the keystones to creating the Colonial Caribbean look. Opt for a simple white paint on the shutters to create a relaxed and calming effect in your living room.

Plantation shutters not only look great, they're also highly practical window dressings. They allow you total control of light, shade, and privacy levels in your living room. They're also an excellent extra layer of insulation for your windows, and will help keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. For more about window treatment options, visit Blind Inspiration

2. Timber flooring

No Colonial Caribbean style living room would be complete without a beautiful, unpainted timber floor. If you're lucky enough to have an existing timber floor underneath your carpet, then it's a simple job to strip the carpet off, sand the floorboards, and apply a coat of oil or low gloss sealant to complete the look.

If your existing floor isn't timber, then laying a floating timber floor is the easiest and least expensive option. This type of floor can be laid directly on top of any type of existing flooring by using sheets of rubber backing on top of the concrete, tiles, carpet, or vinyl flooring in your living room. New hardwood floors or recycled timber floors will create the most authentic look in your Colonial Caribbean style living room, but if they are out of your price range then there are some surprisingly beautiful laminate timber flooring options available.

3. A built-in wall cabinet

A common feature in Colonial Caribbean interiors was a built-in, floor to ceiling cabinet used to house books, curios, and assorted objets d'art by the worldly Caribbean settlers. You can recreate this look by having a carpentry contractor install a bespoke cabinet in your living room.

Paint the cabinetry the same shade of white as the shutters, which will keep the palette of the room neutral and allow the items that you keep on the shelves to stand out. It's a good idea to incorporate a variety of shelf heights to successfully accommodate different sized books and items.

These three components will form the base of your beautiful Colonial Caribbean style living room. All that will be left to do is to furnish it with some wicker furniture, an antique look timber coffee table and chest of drawers, and some potted palm trees to complete the transformation. .