As they occupy so much space in such a very small room, bathroom vanities are usually a center of attraction in your bathroom. Nonetheless, rest assured that you can never miss bathroom vanity varieties that can perfectly fit your bathroom size, no matter how big or small it is. There are a lot of practical reasons why you should have these bathroom accessories in your bathroom, including:


When it comes to the style and elegance of your bathroom, you can never go wrong with bathroom vanities. These bathroom accessories can come in traditional and contemporary designs as well as in a variety of materials such as wood and glass. While the beauty of wood vanities lies in its rustic appeal, glass vanities look stunning due to the fragile look of glass. Hence, installing vanities is a great way to create visual impact in your bathroom.


Wood is extremely susceptible to water damage, so you might be worried about just how long wood vanities will last in your bathroom. Here is some comforting news for you: The wood material used to make bathroom vanities is usually provided with superior finishes so that a simple clean can prevent water damage.

Likewise, the ordinary grade of glass that you know of is not often used to make bathroom vanities. Rather, tougher tempered glass is usually favored since it does not break easily. This means that it is also safe to opt for glass vanities.

Hence, you can expect your bathroom vanities to last for long regardless of the material selection that you choose. However, you should make sure you follow manufacturer's guidelines on maintenance to ensure these bathroom accessories reach their full lifespan.


Bathroom vanities can be the solution to providing sufficient storage space in your bathroom. With a cabinet-style vanity, for example, your storage needs will be sorted. This type of bathroom vanity will provide you with the space you need to keep your bathroom supplies out of sight. This type of vanity often comes with cabinets installed below the sinks. Even though its compact design usually takes up a considerable amount of space, built-in drawers and hidden compartments provide generous storage space in a single location.

If you want a bathroom that looks more open and spacious, opt for a wall-mounted vanity. As its name suggests, this type of bathroom vanity is affixed only to the wall, allowing you unobstructed access to the bathroom floor.