If you want to make your patio builders sweat, why not have them go the extra mile with your patio and get them to install a beautiful outdoor kitchen at the same time? Increasingly, outdoor patios are not just being thought of as a nice place for a barbecue or a place to sit and read a book in the summer months. They are thought of as outdoor rooms. And if you really want to create that feeling of an outdoor room (as opposed to just an outdoor space), it can be a great idea to install a luxury outdoor kitchen with all the modern luxuries you would expect of an indoor kitchen and more. So what are some of the features that you absolutely must integrate into your outdoor kitchen space?

Pizza oven. Pizza ovens take up a lot of space, and they are commonly made from brick. Because of these factors, they are generally suited to an outdoor kitchen space than an indoor room. And this touch of luxury means that you can do more than just host family barbecues – you can stage authentic pizza nights. You might even want to hire an Italian chef for the night to teach you and your family how to make real, authentic, thin crust, Italian pizzas.

Marble dining table. What use is a kitchen if it doesn't have a beautiful dining space attached to it? After all, a stunning outdoor kitchen with all the latest appliances will be less exciting if you only take the food indoors after cooking. Instead, create a space on your patio for a long marble table. The marble material copes well in outdoor weather conditions and is easy to clean – plus, it looks majestic and will make a real statement of luxury.

Fire pit. If you want to make the most of your outdoor kitchen space in the evenings, you will need to invest in a feature that warms up both you and your guests. The perfect solution is a fire pit right in the centre of your patio. As well as being a statement feature, it can serve a practical purpose as your guests can grill kebabs or marshmallows on top of the open flames.

And for your luxury outdoor kitchen to fit well with your existing design, always remember to include some natural features in your patio area, such as flowerbeds and water features. For more information or advice, contact some local patio builders