A well-organised wardrobe enables you to find what you want much more quickly than if your bedroom storage is chaotic.  Here are a few tips to help you get things in order.

Be ruthless

Your first job is to clear out anything from your wardrobe that you don't wear or use.  It's helpful to apply the 12-month rule here; if you haven't used an item during the last 12 months, you probably don't need it.  The same applies to clothes that don't fit anymore.  Instead of clinging on to items in the hope that one day they'll be the right size again, buy new ones instead.

For a feel-good factor, why not pass on all your unwanted clothes, shoes, and bags to charity for someone else to enjoy?

Hanging and folding tips

If you have the space, hang your clothes; you'll be more likely to wear things you can see.  The exception to this rule is heavy jumpers that may lose their shape if kept on hangers.  Jumpers are best folded and stored flat in drawers.

If you habitually wear jeans, hang them by the hems and organise them from dark to light denim.  Trousers and shorts should be hung using clips.  Fold in the sides of the item so that the outside edge isn't left with obvious clip marks. 

Dresses should be removed from plastic garment covers or dry cleaning bags to protect them from damage by residual cleaning chemicals.  A good way of organising your dresses is to hang them by colour, beginning with lightweight/strappy styles and moving through to long-sleeved, heavier weights.


If you store your shoes with the right toe out and left heel out, you'll be able to view the style more easily when choosing a pair to go with a particular outfit.  Invest in some boot pillars to keep your boots in shape and upright.


It's helpful to organise handbags in your wardrobe so that they are visible.  Scarves should be folded and placed in piles by colour and fabric.  This will enable you to withdraw your choice easily without ruining the organisation of the rest.

If possible, store hats in hat boxes to prevent them from collecting dust.  Take a photo of each hat and stick it onto the box so that you know what's inside.

In conclusion

You can make the most of your clothes and accessories by reorganising your wardrobe.  Follow the tips above and your bedroom storage will be orderly in no time.