If you recently had carpet installed in your home, you might be wondering how to make it look this good for a long time. Carpet looks amazing when you first put it in, but then you risk dealing with stains, discolouration, and general wear. Here are some tips for prolonging the life of your carpet.

Keep Out As Many Stains and Dirt Sources As Possible

To start with, you will need to set some strict rules in your household in order to reduce the risk of stains, dirt, and buildup on the carpeting. For example, you can have a house rule that everyone must take their shoes off at the door. Have a mat inside the door where shoes can be placed. This helps keep dirt and mud from being tracked in and ruining your carpet. Also, have rules that no eating or drinking, with the exception of water, can be done in the living room or bedrooms, or anywhere with carpet. Make sure all eating is in the kitchen and dining room, placing a large area rug under the table in the dining room to protect the carpet underneath.

Vacuum the Carpet Regularly

Even if you don't see any dirt being tracked in, your carpets still need to be cleaned regularly. There may be dust, crumbs you didn't notice, or even hair or lint that has fallen into the carpet fibres. You can't always prevent these little messes from occurring, but you can clean them up and reduce the effects on your carpet by vacuuming. Try to vacuum as much as possible. Not everyone likes to vacuum daily, but if you have pets leaving behind hair and dander, it is a good idea. Otherwise, at least vacuum on a routine basis, especially in high-traffic areas.

Move Your Furniture Around

You should avoid keeping your furniture in the exact same place for the entire time you have your carpet. This causes indentations in the carpet that become extremely obvious. To even out the wear of the carpet underneath furniture, try to rearrange it every once in a while. This doesn't need to be monthly, but once or twice a year can be good. This mixes it up and provides more decorative options as well.

Have It Cleaned Professionally

It is also a good idea to occasionally have your carpets cleaned by a professional. They will use powerful carpet cleaning machines and exceptional cleaners that can remove stains and discolouration you weren't able to tackle on your own. This is good to do even if you don't notice major stains, as the discolouration can sometimes be subtle.