Your vehicles, ATV (all terrain vehicle) and motorcycles need to be shielded from the harsh effects of the elements. One way to provide this protection is to construct a garage or carport. This article discusses those two options. Use this information to make an informed decision about which option is the right one for you.


This is normally constructed from long lasting materials like bricks or concrete. It may be attached to the home, or it may be a stand-alone garage that is not attached to any section of the home. The main advantage of a garage is that it offers a higher level of security. For instance, burglars will find it hard to breakdown a brick wall in order to steal the lawn maintenance equipment kept in the garage. Garages are also durable due to the strong materials used to construct them. A garage can also be adapted to perform other functions. For instance, it can be converted into a home office.

The flipside of garages is that they are relatively expensive to construct. The materials used cost much more than the materials used to construct a carport, for example. You also require a permit to construct a garage. This can increase the time you need to prepare for, and execute, the construction project.


A carport is a shelter for a car. It is formed by supporting a roof using posts made from metal or any other material. The roof may be made from a variety of materials such as plastic sheets or metallic sheets. Some carports can be covered on all sides. Carports take a very short time to construct. They are also more affordable than constructing a garage. This is because fewer materials are needed to set up a carport. You may also not need a building permit in order to construct a carport. This is because the carport is viewed as a temporary structure. However, check and confirm that you do not need a permit from the municipal authorities in your area.

The downside of carports is that they offer limited protection to your valuables (cars, for example). For instance, carports that are open on the sides allow dirt blown by the wind to accumulate on the car. Some carports are high-maintenance. For instance, steel frames need to be painted frequently in order to protect them from corrosion.

You should think carefully about your specific needs (such as your budget and available time) before you opt for a carport or a garage. Contact carport builders for more information about the different styles available, or visit sites like