Purchasing and moving to a new property is an exciting time for a family. As the time for the actual move approaches, an otherwise regular and relaxed family life can suddenly get very hectic. With so much to do, having some clever ways of packing your things will help to make the move a little less stressful, both before the move and as you arrive in your new home. This article looks at some handy tips for packing your goods.

Keep The Small Things Safe

This involves the use of tape (string could also be used) to secure a small item to its other half. For example, screws from a cabinet can be secured to the cabinet itself in a small bag or if you have to remove the legs from a sofa, the legs can be taped to the sofa. This avoids unpacking items and then having to look through the rest of the boxes to find its other half. If you don't fancy using tape or string, you can wrap small items in coloured paper; you will have no problem finding these items should they become lost.

Move Books In Small Boxes

Many people will pack books into a box with other items. The books make the box heavy and liable to break. Instead, collect and use smaller boxes for books; don't put any other kind of items in the boxes. In a smaller box, the weight of the books is easier to manage and you won't risk a valuable item becoming damaged should the box rip open.

Ensure Plants Are Visible

Plants can be tricky to move as they can take up a large amount of room in the truck. Plants can't have other boxes stacked on top of them. For this reason, many people will leave their plants as part of the fixtures and fittings of the property. However, if you do have to move a special plant or two, wrap the pot in a plastic bag and place in a box. Wedge in some newspaper to make the pot secure. Do not close the box; it is important that the plants can be seen so that no other boxes are placed on top of them.

Use Old Sheets For Covers

This is a clever little trick as most people will have a set of older bed sheets that they do not use. These sheets can be used to cover your mattress as you move, giving a perfect fit and giving good protection from spills when in transit. Old bed sheets can also be used to cover small items, such as chairs or bedside tables.

Keeping the original packaging that items came in, such as the box for the television, means that you have a perfectly sized box for protecting the item during a move; consider retaining and storing the packaging that valuable items came in.

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