If you've misplaced your keys, you certainly can try to break into your own home if you wish. However, calling a locksmith to let you in safely and easily, and to make new keys for you on the spot is a much better choice. If you're prone to misplacing your keys or have never thought about calling a locksmith when this happens, note a few reasons why you might choose their services versus breaking in.

1. Breaking in can be physically dangerous

It might seem easy to crawl through a window of your home, but in truth, this can be more physically dangerous than you realize. If you were to crawl through a window and trip on a child's toy or anything else under the window, you could easily sprain an ankle or something worse. If you crawl through a kitchen window over a countertop or a sink and were to slip off, this too could mean serious injury, even a broken bone. Rather than risk these types of injuries, it's best to have a locksmith simply let you in through the front or back door.

2. You might damage your property when breaking in

Along with injuring yourself, you might cause some property damage when breaking in to your own home. Trying to pry open a window can mean bending the screen or frame, or even breaking the pane. If you were to crawl over furniture such as a shelving unit, it might topple and break whatever it's holding. Crawling over a kitchen counter can mean breaking dishes.

Trying to pick a lock on your door is also not as easy as you might assume, and you could easily break the tumblers and ruin the lock altogether. The cost of repairing or replacing any of these items could very well be more than the cost of a locksmith, who can let you into your home without damaging anything.

3. Your safety and your property could be at risk

If you've lost your keys, do you know who now has them? If not, your safety and your property could be at risk. If you've misplaced your keys with your wallet, anyone could now have your identification with your address. They could break in while you're away, and even steal or strip your car. Your own personal safety could be at risk, depending on who finds your keys. Rather than be that vulnerable to a break-in or home invasion, call a locksmith to change your locks and issue you new keys on the spot.

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