A fine looking kitchen is the cornerstone of any great home, but discovering the right balance between handsome appearance and cooking convenience can be a tediously tricky task. Fortunately, there are several ways you can jazz up the look of your cooking space without taking the fun out of the food preparation process. Listed here are five handy tips for creating a lovely looking kitchen on a budget. These suggestions will help your home look great without hampering your cooking progress, helping you to build a convenient kitchen space that you can be proud of.

1. Clean As You Go

One of the best things you can do for your kitchen is to wipe away at the worktops whilst food sizzles away alongside you. Cleaning as you go not only gets rid of the daunting aspect of the colossal after-dinner pot wash, but it also helps to keep your kitchen sparkling.

Wiping down the hob as soon as you've finished using it is a particularly good idea, as this is an area that can gather serious staining after every single cook. Get into the habit of scrubbing your utensils when you've finished using them, and put them back in their rightful place when you're done. This will make your kitchen look professional at all times, and it'll save you scrambling around and scratching your head looking for the right type of equipment during a cooking session. Get rid of any debris or over-spill immediately – the sooner you act, the cleaner your kitchen will look. Make sure you have an empty bin on hand too, as it's never nice to have to heave out the trash halfway through cooking.

2. Stands & Racks

One great way to make your kitchen look modern and efficient is by collecting an assortment of stands and racks. Not only will this provide the room with a sleek, modern design, it'll also add vital storage space – something that you can never have too much of. Set up a ceiling rack for less sharp objects, make the most of your wall space by throwing up some shelves for jars, and set some stands aside on the counter-top for bottles of wine. These will help to the scene for a highly proficient kitchen, with huge amounts of space to pack in a variety of utensils and equipment.

3. Spice Things Up

Having condiments, herbs, spices and seasonings at hand means you'll be able to jazz up any ordinary dish at a moment's notice – and it'll also make your kitchen look and smell terrific. You don't need to grab a tonne of condiments at once either. Assemble a wide range of seasonings and spices over time (keep an eye on shop deals and strike when you can), and store them in a spice rack on the kitchen counter. This is sure to add some great flavour to your kitchen in more ways than one.

4. Love Your Lighting

Many modern-style kitchens are built around fancy lighting, but it's no use having lampshades that cast such little light that you're effectively cooking in the dark. Really make an effort to make the most of the lighting in your kitchen space. Utilise natural light during the day time, and if your kitchen hob doesn't have a light above, it's definitely worth investing in one. Make sure that the worktop space receives healthy amounts of light, as this will allow your food preparation to be impeccable. It'll also help to keep you in good health, as you'll be able to spot any potential hazards from a mile off.

5. Sharpen Up

One excellent way to increase productivity and efficiency in the kitchen is by maintaining a selection of high-quality knives. Learning how to sharpen your knives will allow you to fly through cooking preparation in a rapid manner, and also help to prevent injury as they slice through foods in the correct way without slipping. A fine selection of well-kept knives well help to make your cooking space appear professional, and means that you're prepared to slice up any type of food at a moment's notice. 

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