Renting furniture for a special event is not uncommon; if you host a wedding reception in your backyard then of course you'll need tables and chairs for the guests. However, there are many other times when you may want to consider a furniture hire for home and even for your business. Note a few of those times here, and the advantage it offers.

1. Home Staging

Home staging refers to staging your home when it's on the real estate market. This doesn't necessarily include any renovations or actual remodeling, but it means setting the stage or dressing your home so that it looks more appealing to buyers.

There are a few reasons to do this when your home is for sale. One is that buyers often have a hard time using their imagination when it comes to moving into a new home. They may wonder how beds will fit into an empty bedroom or even how they would use that empty room off the living room. By staging these rooms with appropriate furniture, they seem more appealing to buyers.

Another reason to do this is that upscale furniture can make your home seem more appealing overall. If you have shabby and outdated furniture, the home itself can seem outdated. By renting furniture that is new and attractive, your home may seem new and attractive.

2. Corporate Open Houses

When trying to attract new investors or buyers for a business, you might have an open house to allow visitors into your corporate office or other facility. As with staging a home, staging your corporate office or other facility can make it seem more appealing to your visitors. You might stage the lobby with rented artwork and furniture, and even rent desks and cubicle walls so that buyers of a facility can note how many workers can fit in the space.

3. Grand Openings

A grand opening for a business is much like a corporate open house, or like having your home on the market. You want potential customers to be impressed with the overall appearance of your business and the right furniture hire can help. At a salon or retail store, you can create seating pits so that potential customers are likely to linger while browsing your products and learning about your services. When opening a gym, you might rent furniture to create individual sales areas so your sales team can sit and talk about the various memberships available to visitors. No matter the type of business, a furniture hire (such as Rentasaur) can help make your grand opening a success.