Are you trying to choose the design of your shower screen, but are not sure what kind is best suited to match your requirements? Consider opting for frameless shower screens due to their attractive array of benefits.

If you don't know much about frameless shower screens, then by learning more about them you can make an informed decision regarding if they are a good choice for your home. Here are some of the top advantages that frameless shower screens offer for any bathroom.

Easy Installation

When installing a frameless shower screen you don't have to fiddle around with a variety of fixtures. It can usually be installed in whole sections, and that's because of the minimal design. Even if you have a small bathroom where space is limited you can install shower screens without having much trouble. Finally, the non-complicated nature of frameless shower screens means that they can be customised to meet the exact dimensions of your particular bathroom.

Easy to Clean

Frameless shower screens can be cleaned very easily because there are no gaps, holes or myriad of corners where dirt can accumulate and hide. Any dirt that is present will typically be on the face of the screen itself – it will easily be visible to the naked eye. Furthermore, most frameless shower screens will have a coating that prevents it from staining easily.

Also the glass that shower screens are made from will not be porous. That's means there won't be a buildup of fungi and germs on the surface of the screens. 

Attractive Design

The minimal open design of frameless shower screens can provide an elegant look to your bathroom. They take up very little room, and that's a huge plus if space is an issue. Simply put, frameless shower screens can create the illusion that your bathroom is of a bigger size than it actually is. Furthermore, there are many different designs that can be chosen from so that a match with your interior décor is achieved.


Frameless shower screens can last much longer than other types of screens because there are no small fittings or parts that can get damaged and need replacing. The glass material the doors are commonly made from does not shatter easily, and has a high level of strength.

The fact that you will not need to perform regular maintenance on shower screen doors means that they are a cost-effective option. They are also a hassle-free option because cleaning them is a straightforward task.

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