The bathroom is the part of the home that most homeowners don't really prioritize on. The first areas of upgrades are usually the kitchen, bedrooms and even the backyard. So if you go to your bathroom and you don't get the aura you want or something just feels off, then look at your shower screens. The shower screen is one of the most important parts of the bathroom. So if you want to get it back to its revitalizing state, pick the right screens. Here are some tips to show you how.

Water delivery

You need to be able to know how powerful your showerhead is. If you'll be using a power shower, then look or a power shower approved screen. These kinds of screens have been tested to work optimally when used with a power shower. They are available in different designs including inward folding and outward opening styles. Some have integrated water delivery and are designed to keep water from pouring around the edges if you are using a bathtub.


This is the fun part, but it can also get a little tricky. There are very many styles to consider so browse through catalogues and brochures to find what really suits you. There are framed screens that have rounded smooth corners and are ideal in cases of limited space. Semi frameless screens use pivot doors and metal pivot blocks eliminating the need for a complete frame. There are also frameless style meant for the luxurious bathrooms. Don't rush your choice; see what best fits your home and ask for opinions from professionals like Westate Showerscreens & Robes before installing them.

Accurate measuring

When taking your measurements, ensure that the enclosure is already complete and the walls are finished in case you were doing an overall upgrade. Some materials such as tile or acrylic can reduce the width of the wall by almost an inch on both sides.

When taking your measurements, do it at both the bottom and top of the opening as these measurements may differ. If you are getting a bypass door, use the larger width dimensions, and for a pivot door use the smaller width. Measure both sides for the height too. Measure everything twice, just in case.

Extra features

You can also look for other special features that may be included in shower screens. Towel bars for instance are a convenient tool not only to dry your towel but also to add some décor and colour to your bathroom. Door handles can also add a unique flair to your bathroom.