The kind of fitouts you choose for your office or business premises have a great impact on the level of comfort within your office. Choosing office fitouts is no easy task considering the large number of fitouts available and the plurality of business entities that offer these fitouts.

When choosing fitouts for your office, you need to consider the prevailing trends in the office fitout industry so that you're sure of getting value for your money. The latest trends can also inform your decision on the best type of fitouts for your office. Here is a quick look at some of the modern trends in office fit-outs.

Shrinking Size Of Workstations

One of the most important trends that can affect the kind of fitouts you choose is the fact that office premises as well as individual work stations are increasingly being made to be smaller. In a large number of cases, the reduction is more than half of the traditional size of work stations and office premises.

Work stations are increasingly being made smaller mainly due to the advancement of technology in the workplace. Laptops are increasingly being used in place of bulky desktop computers and desktop phones are making way for cell phones. Digitisation of documents and the subsequent reduced dependence on paper documents, catalogs, and files allows business entities to operate in considerably smaller office premises.   

Increasing Popularity Of The Open Office Layout

Traditionally, adjacent work stations were separated from each other using high partitions that made it almost impossible for employees to communicate with each other in the comfort of their work stations.

The open office layout is increasingly becoming common in a number of commercial premises and business entities, leading to the elimination of private offices in some office premises. The open office layout is advantageous in a number of ways, including the fact that it allows for maximum utilisation of available office space. This layout is also beneficial because it encourages easy sharing of office equipment and supplies.

When looking for fitouts for an office that uses the open office layout, be sure to choose fitouts that are compatible with the open office layout.

Tea Rooms Are Increasingly Replacing Conference Rooms

A large number of commercial entities are adopting the concept of using tea rooms for meetings as opposed to conference rooms. This is because conference rooms are often too big for the few employees who use them on a regular basis. Tea rooms are increasingly becoming common because they take less space, but still function as well as conference rooms.

For more information on modern office fitout trends, contact a commercial fitout specialist.