Sliding gates have been used as an alternative to normal gates due to their ease of operation, especially for home owners who would love the comfort of entering their compound and not having to hustle by getting out of their car to open the gate. It is also ideal for companies where the sliding gate is enabled with a security system which only opens to individuals with a gate pass.

However, with comfort comes responsibility. Sliding doors require high level maintenance to serve a long while. This article will address homeowners on how they can regularly make checkups on their gates.


Sliding gates use rails to slide to the edge, enabling the gates to open. Dust and leaves may make their way to the rails, causing the gates to jam. This is a common problem associated with sliding gates that are surrounded by vegetation. It is important to sweep the rails on a weekly basis to remove this dust.


Sliding doors are designed with many chains, bolts, nuts and rollers. This means that there is a large amount of friction being created as these metal parts rub against each other. Friction causes the metals to corrode and get exposed to moisture causing rust. Rust lowers the functionality of the gates. To avoid this, frequent lubrication is mandatory. Heavy axle grease would be effective for this task. It can be easily assessed from any mechanical shop in your area.

During a rainy season, lubricate the doors more frequently to prevent rusting from taking place.

Electrical assessment

An automated gate ought to have an electrical power source that powers it. Frequently assessing the power source may save you from possible fire outbreaks in the future. The assessment involves:

  • Checking if there are any breakages in the wires conducting electricity. Breakages may be caused by insects in the surrounding vegetation. Pets such as dogs and cats may rip wires while playing. Exposure to sun rays may also cause the wires to dry and eventually crack. These problems can be rectified by calling an electrical company to replace the wires.
  • Also, tripping of wires due to too much electric current may cause the gates to stop working suddenly. Such a situation may be prevented by installing heavily insulated wires and a power guard that regulates the electricity flow to the gates.

It is important to consult your manufacturer in case there is any electrical damage to avoid electrical shocks.

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