If you own your own business, you may think that the only time you would ever need a commercial locksmith is when you have lost the keys to your building or office, but that isn't true. In fact, a commercial locksmith can offer you a number of other valuable services that can make your business safer and more secure.

Access Entry Installation -- If you want your workplace to be more secure, then you can hire a commercial locksmith to install security access panels at all entrances to your building or offices. Security access panels are similar to the the magnetic sensors that are placed outside some underground garages. With access entry, you either swipe a card through a reader or place a magnetic card under a sensor to gain access into a room or building. This provides you with additional security and is ideal if you are running a bank or working in an industry that requires a higher level of security from outside intrusion.

Safe Installation -- Many businesses store money and other valuables on-site, before those items are taken to a bank during the day. To ensure maximum protection, a commercial locksmith can install a safe at your premises. The type of safe you install is up to you, but to ensure the highest level of security, a commercial locksmith may recommend that you install the safe in the ground or inside a wall, so that it's much more difficult for a thief or burglar to find the location of the safe. Safes are available in multiple configurations, including standard lock and key safes, combination safes and biometric safes that require fingerprint identification in order for the doors to open.  

Surveillance Camera Installation -- Commercial locksmiths can also install a surveillance system at your workplace. These cameras can be placed outside your building or office as well as inside to monitor all activity during the day and after hours. Surveillance cameras are a good idea even if haven't experienced a break in, because they provide your business with liability protection and they also act as a deterrent to outside crime and to employee theft or malfeasance. Commercial locksmiths will install the entire system, including cameras and the monitors that capture the live or recorded feed. Some camera systems can even be set up to work on your smartphone or tablet. In addition to cameras, commercial locksmiths in Sydney can also augment your alarm system by installing silent alarm sensors at your workplace.